RestorFX will take your business to new heights you never thought possible. 

RestorFX does many things, but franchising isn’t one of them. Our partners are given a huge amount of discretion as to how they use our product, and why wouldn’t they – it’s their business! With competitive licensing fees and a complete lack of royalty fees, RestorFX represents an opportunity for anyone in the industry.

RestroFX is applied using our exclusive application and selection process, meaning labour costs and overhead can be cut dramatically, which in turn means – you guessed it – higher profit margins. The years of research put into RestorFX means it can achieve results simply not possible using other methods, increasing customer satisfaction and the reputation of your business.

Why apply to become a RestorFX Licensee?

Cutting edge technology: No other system can compare with how RestorFX restores the luster and shine of an old paint job. Customers won’t believe it, and neither will you!

New income potential: Expand your repertoire and your market by adding RestorFX to your services list.

Use it alone, or combine it with other streams: RestorFX can be used alongside other revenue streams, so you never lose out.

Exclusive use of a superb product: Licensee selection is not arbitrary, if you are selected to become a licensee you’ve hit on a very good thing.

Simplified startup: Almost zero startup costs and a lack of franchise and royalty fees make it easy to set up fast.

Sustainable business model: Who wouldn’t want low costs and large profit margins? That’s what RestorFX provides.

Higher margins: Restorfx is relatively inexpensive to provide and once trained, quick to use.

Reliability: The RestorFX system comes with manufacturing guarantees and 24/7 support should you need it.

Why apply to become a RestorFX Licensee?

What’s in it for me? As a RestorFX Licensee, you get:

  • Access to exclusive training resources, sales and marketing tools, promotions and merchandising templates, and other assets to give you the boost you need to get your RestorFX business booming.
  • Superb training for your team, giving each of you Certified RestorFX Technician status.
  • Low costs across the board, on operation, equipment and products.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • 24 hour realtime technical support.

Become a RestorFX Certified Technician

During your training you will learn how to prepare and fully-process a vehicle. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot, and how to read a vehicle’s paint condition to get a sense of its history. You’ll also learn unique sales techniques, and receive extremely useful sales and marketing tools to help you incorporate RestorFX seamlessly and smoothly, with high profits from the word go.

We also provide:

  • 3-5 days training provided onsite at our UK training facility.
  • A useful training manual, including product information, photos and more.
  • Technical help via phone, SMS, and email.
  • A RestorFX Certified Technician certificate for everyone completing the training.
RestorFX Certified Technician Certificate