Using Tomorrow’s Technology to Deliver Results Today

RestorFX’s all-new Polymimetic Coating Technology mimics and blends seamlessly with the original finish, intelligently adhering to it and repairing damage for a complete restoration, and very high levels of satisfaction. We’ve tested this for 13 years, and in various climates, so we know it works. And it works well.

The full RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System includes RestorFX Renew, our flagship product, as well as both RestorFX Retain and RestoreFX Refinish.


  • Removes 99%, yes 99%, of all clear coat damage to any paint finish.
  • Protects against further damage from poor or extreme weather and everyday wear and tear.


  • Intelligently repairs chips and scratches using our unique, intelligent technology.
  • Achieves a smooth, glob-free appearance every time.


  • Secures an extra layer of protection against weather, wear and tear and other damage.
  • Maintains the beautiful shine and colour of a professional factory finish.


Delivers showroom shine. Restores a deep and resonant luster unlike anything else on the market.
Permanently repairs weathering and oxidation. Revives dull, lifeless paint caused by every day wear and tear and prevents further UV damage.
Permanently repairs scuffs and scratches. Removes scuffs and scratches to maintain the integrity of the paint and the value of the automotive.
Permanently repairs swirls and sandblasting. Completely removes swirl marks caused by polishing and over-washing and repairs all sandblasted clear coat damage.